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Mahendra Kumar Trivedi

Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, is a globally recognized spiritual personality with the ultimate power to transmit an unknown energy through his thoughts and transform lives. He has the unique ability to transmit an energy that brings peace, harmony, and happiness to the world. Through these abilities, he can transform people’s lives so that they can function at a higher and happier level, and serve a greater purpose on this planet.

Mahendra Kumar Trivedi was born in India in 1963. From a very young age, he expounded heightened levels of cognitive power, perception, intelligence and even a photographic memory. Gradually, he became the first spiritual master who decided to take a non-traditional, non-invasive approach, and founded the “Trivedi FoundationTM” and “Trivedi Master WellnessTM.” He proceeded to combine the capabilities of science and spirituality in order to measure, test, validate, document and eventually publish the authenticity of this energy.

The Trivedi Effect® is a phenomenon that is responsible for introducing true wellness that addresses all aspects of an individual’s life. The experiences of nearly 200,000 individuals have exemplified the influential power of The Trivedi Effect® on human wellness. Over 4,000 scientific studies have successfully proven that the impact of this energy extends beyond human transformation to plants, animals, microbes, ceramics, polymers, metals, and other living and non-living materials. Thus, Mahendra Trivedi was able to eradicate the possibility of the placebo effect. The incredible power of these Energy Transmissions to transform living and non-living things for a higher purpose continues to put the scientific community in a state of awe.

Today, more and more people are receiving this energy in order to establish their lives, attract all kinds of abundance, and bring inner peace and happiness. Scientific studies and continuous evaluation encourage people to embrace the bright energies of Mahendra Trivedi.